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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Message from Tarkan

On tarkan.com, there is a message from Tarkan to all his fans, for the New Year:

"We are about to leave another year behind with its good and bad days. 2009 is almost here. I wish that the new year brings peace to the world and brightens humanity with love. I wish you all a healthy and happy year. Love, Tarkan"

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tarkan in Amsterdam

On Sunday, 14.12.2008, Tarkan held a concert at the Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, Holland.

The hall was full, the audience was fantastic, Tarkan was in great shape (although his taste in clothes for the European Tour is contested by many fans), and all in one, the concert was good.

Yours truly was there, presenting you now with the latest pictures and videos.

Octavia (president of TarkanRomania)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Tarkan signed a plate

In Istanbul, Nisantasi, a restaurant called "It's a Joke" invited celebrities to have their favorite words printed on a plate.Tarkan also participated and chose the phrase from his Uyan song: "Hersey Mümkün Eger Inanirsan" (Everything is possible if you believe in it)He also added his signature.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Interview with Tarkan from Doga Dernegi

Interview with Tarkan and Orhan Gencebay taken from the 1st number of the magazine Doga Dernegi.

The lament of Tuz Lake, Hasankeyf, Allianoi and many more key biodiversity areas comes into being with the song entitles “Uyan” – “Wake up”

The song “Uyan” composed by Tarkan for Doga Dernegi will activate many people who are not yet aware of the danger we face. Gecebay also supported this song with his saz and voice. Tarkan and Gecebay told why and how they got active for nature supporting Doga Dernegi.

Doga Dernegi: First of all how and when did the idea of producing a song for nature came up?

Tarkan: The nature itself asked me to make a song and it gave the inspiration. I oly have become the interpreter of its language. My wish is that the humanity listens to his/her real inner voice and that they do something hand by hand with eachother for the nature, in another saying, for themselves.

DD: “Uyan” is like a global message that sprung out of Anatolia with it’s lyrics and music. What kind of an impact do you think it will have on people?

Tarkan: The people who will listen to this song will hurt a bit inside. “Uyan” aims at people to become aware of the troubles of the nature and will support them to live consciously. This song is very special to me because I composed it for the “nature”.

DD: You say we can solve the problems if we unite. Do you really believe that we can do this?

Tarkan: We can at least bandage up the wounds we caused by trying to do the best we can; we can refresh our hope and protect our conscious. The nature can find a way out for itself anyways; indeed it does not need us…it knows to heal and recreate itself, too. We prepare our won end by destroying it. That’s why “Uyan!” That’s why we need “awakening”, we need awareness.

DD: How do you think the solution can be? what is the way out?

Gencebay: The first solution is not to leave any technological development to progress, which leads to destruction. Then we can help the nature trying to repair its balance on its own by doing whatever it needs.

DD: How did you meet with Doga Dernegi?

Tarkan: well if you ask this question to my heart, it will tell you that everything has to be as it is meant to be and this merge (with Doga Dernegi) is determined by our destinies.

Gencebay: NGOs such as Doga Dernegi, which has dedicated itself to nature, I believe, will play a key role for the solution of this problem. I will always support the institutions and people serving in this field.

DD: I suppose you also think that especially legal mechanisms do not sufficiently value our history and natural richness such as Tuz Lake, Hasankeyf and Allianoi?

Tarkan: I certainly believe so and I want them to put their hands on their hearts and listen to my song often. I very much believe that our conscious fed by the stones and soil of Anatolia will step in at the best time and place.

DD: The corruption in the nature started to change us gradually. Are there such changes in your life?

Tarkan: I have always lived as part of the nature and I still do. I use organic products as much as I can. I try to learn how to settle for the little of everything as nature does. Maybe- most importantly – I try to seem as who I am and be as I seem.

Gencebay: I use the water very carefully, because I know water is life. In the very near future, living in luxury and comfort aside, to be able to live itself will become luxurious for people.

DD: What is in your road map concerning nature?

Gencebay: To talk about these subjects constantly, to use and share the natural values, to continuously warn those who want to destroy the natural balance, to try to stop them.

Tarkan: I would go anywhere it calls me. I am ready to do whatever it wants me to do. I will be at wherever the nature is. I mean I will continue to struggle for it….

Monday, October 20, 2008

Tarkan's Birthday

Apparently Tarkan celebrated his 36 birthday in Reina Club. He had a party with over 70 people and apparently Dutch Singer Cyrilick Van Hoof performed for him.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Message from Tarkan

On tarkan.com there is a message from Tarkan for all his fans. It says:

"Hello everybody!!!

I wanna thank u all for your beautiful birthday messages, cards, emails, letters and presents.. I always feel touched by your good wishes and the love..I hope to embrace many more years to come with you all by my side..Through music..Heart to heart..Soul to soul..Forever..I love you all very much..
Thank you..Tarkan."

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

a very special version of Uyan

Uyan konusmak with English subtitles
with thanks to Marleen from TarkanClub :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Friday, October 3, 2008

!!! Uyan !!!

Single-ul compus de Tarkan si Orhan Gencebay special pentru Doga dernegi, fundatia pentru natura, a fost lansat astazi.
Single-ul nu se gaseste in magazine, poate fi achizitionat doar in Turcia, impreuna cu primul numar al revistei Doga Dernegi.

aici puteti aculta un fragment din Uyan (atentie, link-ul trebuie deschis in IE, nu Mozilla)

enjoy! :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

TarkanInternational Adds

- from Oct 1st -

Friday, August 29, 2008

!!! new video!!! Dilli Duduk

produced by Kasa Film
directed by Murat Onbul

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tasdelen concert - 24.08.2008

Sunday evening, Istanbul, Asian side - Uskudar - Tasdelen area

Tarkan gave a free concert for his fans.Over 15 ooo people attended the concert.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

!!! Dusseldorf concert announcement !!!


Tickets are available thru eventim(www.eventim.de), and cost only 29 euros.
The concert will take place in Philipshalle, a concert hall of about 7500 places (3500 sitting places and 4000 standing places).
The concert is advertised as "The Best of Tarkan".

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

!!! Cat Kapi Remix video coming soon !!!

Cat Kapi/ Hokenek Mix/ Serkan Hokenek

Monday, August 11, 2008

! more concert dates !

2nd - Munchen/ Munich

3rd - Dusseldorf
4th - Hamburg

12th - Paris


13th - Basel

14th - Amsterdam

19th - Mannheim

20th - Wien/ Viena

21st - Brussels / Bruxeles

Plus! confirmation that a USA tour will exist. Details and contract still to be signed and settled.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Metamorfoz Remixes, by DJ Tiesto

Tiesto, for years Europe and America's number one DJ, has remixed a track from Tarkan's latest album, Metamorfoz, which came out at the end of last year. Eight of the original songs feature on the remix album, with hot new mixes from Turkey's biggest producer and DJ names.

There are a total of 13 remixes from the 8 featured tracks, each with a different dance flavour. Released on August 1st as double CD- Metamorfoz and Metamorfoz Remixes - Tarkan's latest offering will be available from all music stores.

1. Pare Pare/Tiesto Mix/Tiesto
2. Vay Anam Vay/ Electrofied Mix/ Kivanc K & Omar Basaad
3. Arada Bir/Be Funkee Mix/ Levent Gunduz
4. Istanbul Agliyor/ Hokenek Mix/ Serkan Hokenek
5. Dilli Duduk/ Suat Atesdagli - Yalcin Asan Mix
6. Vay Anam Vay/ Erdem Kinay Mix/ Erdem kinay
7. Dedikodu/ Ozan Dogulu Mix/ Ozan Dogulu
8. Arada Bir/ Ozinga Mix/ Ozan Colakoglu
9. Vay Anam Vay/ Gurcell Mix/ Gursel Celik
10. Cat Kapi/ Hokenek Mix/ Serkan Hokenek
11. Hop Hop/ Kivanc K Gangsta Mix/ Kivanc K
12. Vay Anam Vay/ Elektherock Mix/ Huseyin Karadayi
13. Istanbul Agliyor/ M. Matthew Erdem Mix/ Murat Matthew Erdem.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Arada Bir video is out!

Arada Bir - directed by Metin Arolat (the director of Kuzu Kuzu)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

IATA Concert

On 4th of June, 2008, Tarkan gave a concert for IATA (Airlines Association).

Monday, May 26, 2008

Tarkan & Bilge???

In ultima saptamana au circulat foarte multe zvonuri in presa turca, cum ca Tarkan si Bilge s-ar fi despartit. Ziarele l-au citat chiar pe Tarkan (cel putin asa sustin ele) si au afirmat sus si tare ca Bilge s-ar fi mutat deja din casa artistului turc. Mai mult, s-a afirmat ca aceasta despartire nu este proaspata, deoarece Bilge nu l-a insotit pe Tarkan la ultimele sale concerte.
Echipa Tarkans-World infirma toate aceste zvonuri. Infirmarea lor vine direct de la sursa, care ne intreaba (asa cum era si normal): "de cand credeti voi ceea ce sciru ziarele turcesti, fara ca macar sa va inrebati daca este adevarat sau nu??? Stati linistiti, amandoi va rugam, nu mai credeti tot ce se spune sau se scrie, decat daca o auziti direct de la noi"

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tarkan in Azerbaijan - Interview

Tarkan: I am very glad to be in Azerbaijan and to meet you again

Megastar of Turkey Tarkan arrived in Azerbaijan tonight, APA reports. At the airport Tarkan told journalists that he was sure his two-day concert in Green Theater would be successful. He said he would sing the songs from his recent album Metamorfoz and other lovely songs.
“I am very glad to be in Azerbaijan and to meet you again. I love Azerbaijan very much. I promise an unforgettable concert to you,” he said.
Commenting on his previous three concerts in Azerbaijan, when another singer appeared on the stage at the beginning of the concert, Tarkan said he did not mind it.“I sing solo at every concert. Other singers perform at the beginning of the concert. I think it is normal. We should support the youth. I know Zarema and supported her when she first appeared on the stage,” he said.
Taking a stance on the rumors before his concert in Baku, megastar said the rumors that he did not want to come to Azerbaijan were groundless.“These reports are false. I have never refused to come to Azerbaijan. I am here and will give two-day concert in the Green Theater. We will sing, dance and have good time together,” he said.
Tarkan noted that he had very good relationship with Sezen Aksu.“I love Sezen Aksu and admire her, and this will always be so,” he said.Tarkan said he would not sing duet with Sibel Can and added that he had written a song for her “Cakmak, cakmak” and sang vocal.“I did not sing duet with Sibel Can. I simply composed a sing for her and she sang,” he said.
Tarkan said he loved Azerbaijani songs, but was not going to sing our songs.“You have a different dialect and I can not sing in your dialect. I do not want to look ridiculous. But I love Azerbaijani songs and listen to them,” he said.
Tarkan said he could not watch Eurovision-2008 song contest, but would support Azerbaijan’s representatives.
Turkish megastar Tarkan will give concert in Green Theater on May 21-22 and leave for Turkey on May 23. APA information agency provides information support to the concert.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Megastar Tarkan joins campaign to save Hasankeyf

Turkish pop star Tarkan has joined the "Stop Ilısu Dam– Save Hasankeyf" campaign launched by a Turkish nature association to convince local and international institutions to recognize the region as a World Cultural and Natural Heritage site.

Tarkan, one of the most popular singers in Turkey, will open the Hasankeyf office of Doğa Derneği (Nature Association) on May 14, from where the association will continue its scientific work and follow the developments in the region directly.

“Although the Tigris Valley in the southwest of Turkey possess the symbols of 10,000 years of history in Hasankeyf, the invaluable natural and cultural treasures of the world stand to be flooded by the State Waterworks Directorate's Ilisu Dam Project,” said Erkut Ertürk, Doğa Derneği campaign coordinator.

“If the Ilisu Dam project is carried out, the ecological system of the Tigris Valley and the 400-kilometer riverbed will be destroyed forever,” Ertürk said.

Local and international environmental organizations are campaigning for the suspension of the Ilısu Dam project, which is part of the greater Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP) that aims to turn the region into Turkey's breadbasket through an irrigation network.

Ilısu Dam, when completed, will flood the town of Hasankeyf, seen as a major cultural and tourism spot.

Culture and Tourism Minister Ertuğrul Günay has said in the past that none of the historical artifacts in the region would be left to be submerged under rising water, but noted that the development of the country and the region was a priority.

The financing of the dam, provided mostly by European backers, is also a source of controversy with serious pressure put on them to withdraw their support.
article taken from Turkish Daily News, Monday, May 12, 2008, Istanbul.

Monday, May 12, 2008

!!! Coming soon: Dedikodu Video !!!

Conform relatarilor presei turcesti, intr-un interviu de saptaman trecuta, Tarkan (care se afla intr-o dispozitie foarte vesela, dupa o petrecere cu Metin Arolat pentru a sarbatori cel de-al 3-lea videoclip de pe albumul Metamorfoz) a declarat ca urmatoarele 2 videoclipuri vor fi cele care au castigat poll-ul desfasurat pe site-ul sau oficial.
In ciuda zvonurilor ca ar face un videoclip pentru piesa Arada Bir, artistul a declarat ca tocmai a incheiat filmarile la Dedikodu, si ca Dili Duduk este cel care urmeaza, si va fi finalizat inainte de inceperea verii si a seriei de concerte.
Videoclipul Dedikodu a fost regizat de Metin Arolat, cel care a regizat si Kuzu Kuzu.

Acccording to news from the Turkish Press, in an interview dated last week, Tarkan (who was in a very joyfull mood after a party with Metin Arolat, celebrating the 3rd video on Metamorfoz) declared that the next 2 videos will be the winners of the poll that was held on his official website.
In spite of the rumours that Arada Bir will be the next song to be turned into a video, the artist said that he had just ended the filming for Dedikodu, and that Dili Duduk is next on the list, and that it will be finished before the begining of the summer and of the concert series.
Dedikodu was directed by Metin Arolat, who also directed Kuzu Kuzu.

Formula 1

Yesterday Tarkan performed at Reina Istanbul, at the private opening party for Formula 1 races which are being held in Istanbul this year. Rumors said Tarkan would also sing the Turkish national anthem to open the race, but this news has not yet been confirmed.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tarkan and the children

Pe 23 Aprilie Tarkan a cantat live intr-un show difuzat de televiziunea de stat turca, in cadrul celui de-al 30-lea Festival International al Copiilor, organizat de televiziunea de stat turca si de radioul de stat turc, festival ce a avut loc in insoritul oras Antalya. La festivitati au participant copii din 38 de tari. 1600 de copii, dintre care 800 din afara tarii, imbracati in costume traditionale sau costumati ca personaje din desene animate, au traversat orasul de la Parcul Karaalioglu pana la Piata Cumhuriyet, ca parte a festivitatilor. In timpul marsului, 50 de porumbei albi au fost eliberati, ca un simbol al apelului la pacea in lume. Printre tarile care au participat la festival s-a numarat si Romania.

On April 23rd, Tarkan sang in a show live on TRT for the 30th International Children’s Festival, organized by the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT), which took place in the sunny Antalya. Children from 38 countries attended the festival. A total of 1,600 children, including 800 from abroad, dressed in traditional costumes and cartoon character costumes marched from Karaalioğlu Park to Cumhuriyet Square in Antalya as part of the festivities. “During the march, 50 ‘doves of peace’ were released to symbolize a call for world peace. Among the countries which participated in the festival there was also Romania.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

More new concert dates

With many thanks to Karina, who discovered them.
Ayhan Gunyl, Tarkan's guitarist (yes, the lovely guy who looks like Banderas, and plays the guitar like Santana) has listed the concert dates on his website:

The dates are as follows:

Bakü 09.05.2008
Bakü 10.05.2008

Antalya 12.05.2008

Yeditepe Ünvst. 16.05.2008

St.Petersburg 27.05.2008

Manavgat 21.06.2008

Sotchi (Rusya) 04.07.2008

Açıkhava / İstanbul 04.08.2008
Açıkhava / İstanbul 05.08.2008

Diyarbakır 07.08.2008

Gaziantep 09.08.2008

Adana 11.08.2008

Kayseri 13.08.2008

Antalya 15.08.2008

Açıkhava / İstanbul 18.08.2008
Açıkhava / İstanbul 19.08.2008

Trabzon 24.08.2008

Ankara 27.08.2008

Parkorman / İstanbul 30.08.2008

Friday, April 18, 2008

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

London's Playlist

Duminica, 13 Aprilie, Tarkan a sustinut un concert la Londra, pe celebrul stadion Wembley. Cantaretul turc a interpretat 22 de piese, Kuzku kuzu fiind cea aleasa pentru deschiderea concertului. Putem spune ca in acest concert uimitor, Tarkan a acoperit toate albumele care l-au facut celebru. Mai jos puteti gasi piesele care au rasunat pe Wembley duminica seara.

On Sunday, April the 13th, Tarkan held a concert in London, on the famous Wembley Stadium. The Turkish pop-star sang 22 songs, and Kuzu Kuzu was the chosen one for opening the concert. We can say that in this amazing concert Tarkan managed to cover all the albums that made him famous. Below you can find the play list of th songs that rocked Wembley on Sunday night.

1. Kuzu Kuzu
2. Hop Hop
3. Arada bir
4. Kis Günesi
5. Pare Pare
6. Hüp Ozinga remix
7. Bam Teli
8. Gül doktum yollarina
9. Yandim
10. Bounce
11. Dedikodu
12. Simarik
13. Cat Kapi
14. Istanbul Agliyor
15. Gülümse Kaderine
16. Vazgecemem (goosebumps & tears in my eyes)
17. Start the fire
18. Bu Gece
19. Unutmamali
20. Dudu
21. Vay Anam Vay
22. Dilli Düdük

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Concert Dates - 2008

13 April - London

9-10 May - Baku

24 May - Istanbul

21 June - Manavgat

26 July - Bolu

29 July - Erdek

Monday, April 7, 2008

Saturday, April 5, 2008